games for street basketball are also available

  • Posted by Skyzhay Skyzhay
  • October 26, 2021 6:38 PM PDT
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"My Career" allows 2K MT players to design their own characters as well as play in the NBA. They are also able to make a commitment to their basketball careers. The character is able to interact with NPC characters to undertake various tasks, no matter whether it is "Basketball City", or "Sea Court". At the end of their journey, they receive experience points and the gold-colored coin "VC Coin" used to enhance your character's capabilities.

Basketball City will have many NPCs with different tasks and games for street basketball are also available. Designing a character that represents oneself is similar to an online game in general, however, the game's developer offers a unique method when a player downloads the mobile phone-specific "MyNBA 2K22" app, they can use the scanner of the program to upload their personal real appearance becomes a 3D component of the game.

The player will also decide the character's ability values and determine the skill orientation based on to the value of ability (called the "badge" in this game). If the character's ability value is very similar to that of some legendary players, the game will demonstrate that the player had a successful time creating an angle similar to a certain star.

If the score is similar to that of the traditional player, the system will alert the player to take a step back. As the character's ability value options are very wide and the amount of points to be allocated is limited, even if the final character could reach the value of evaluation of "99" points however, this does not mean that every parameter can be set towards the highest. Thus, how points are allocated will depend on the character's individual game style.

For example, want to attack the ball, or shooter, or even the primary player under the basket, and so on. It is normal to repeatedly try getting to the target. After creating characters, the most crucial part is the "test template". Check to see if the gameplay of the character matches as your own imagination. You can design a player like LeBron James by setting the game according to these rules. in the image.

To increase your ability Buy NBA 2K MT value, you can use VC Coin. The ability level is able to be increased to "99" when creating characters, but when characters are introduced into the game, their first level is limited to 60 points. The maximum limit is set at 85 points. This is a huge difference or unless you're among the masters of the game who have rolled the series for several years and have a lot of experience, it's not enough to stand up to NBA players who average 75 points.