Ingredients For The Capsule

  • Posted by Hua Guang
  • January 5, 2022 12:54 AM PST
The soft Capsule Filling Machine has complete functions. The hopper buzzes and alarms when there is no material.

The soft Capsule Filling Machine has complete functions. The hopper buzzes and alarms when there is no material. It will automatically stop when the empty capsule is not enough. The filling function of pellets, granules, and tablets can be installed according to user requirements. It can meet 3 kinds of materials and meet the requirements of slow-release, controlled release, and tablets. The demand for medicines in the same capsule. A sealing device is embedded in the bottom of the metering tray of the soft capsule filling machine to improve powder leakage, reduce mechanical wear and make it easier to clean. There are barriers around the dose tray, which can effectively recover the powder thrown from the lower plane of the dose tray through the pipeline. Reuse and reduce dust on the work surface at the same time.

The soft capsule filling machine pre-processes comprehensive ingredients, adds pure water, solid granular medical bone glue, additives, vitamins, glycerin, etc. in a certain proportion, and stirs the glue after a low-temperature cycle of 70 to 80 ℃, and vacuums the glue after a period of time. After the bubbles and a certain amount of moisture in the glue are removed, the glue is placed in the gelatin bucket and the glue that has been left for a period of time is heated by the soft capsule filling machine to the left and right of the gelatin box, and then the host roller mold is placed to cool it into Solid-state. The solid rubber skin is then passed through the left and right molds on the machine head, the spray body injects the medicine into the rubber skin and is instantly heated and extruded to form a complete seal. The finished pellets are sent to the drying system by the conveyor for low-temperature drying.

But it has shortcomings, mainly reflected in its drying system:
From the point of view of the structure of the equipment, the soft capsule filling machine drying system is designed according to the manual rotary ordinary drying equipment. The method used is manual drying. In general, this method is difficult to achieve the initial setting of Soft Capsules. Require. Because the speed of the dryer during operation is difficult to adjust, and it cannot be turned over regularly, it is often out.