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  • Moving and Real Estate: How Relocation Affects Home Buying and Selling

    Moving and real estate are two major life events that often go hand in hand. When you decide to relocate, it not only affects your current living situation but also has a significant impact on your future home buying and selling endeavors. In this arti...
  • Application Of Different Rivets

    There are many types of Rivets. According to their purpose, they are divided into hollow, solid, semi-hollow, core-pulling, core-punching...
  • Ingredients For The Capsule

    The soft Capsule Filling Machine has complete functions. The hopper buzzes and alarms when there is no material.
  • Classification Of Injection Molds

    There are four classification methods for Automotive Injection Mold. According to the different processing methods of plastic parts, they can be divided into the following categories: injection molds, compression molds, injection molds, and extrusion molds.
  • The Difference Between Studs And Hex Bolts

    Both ends of the double-ended studs have threads, and one end of the hexagonal bolts has an outer hexagonal head at one end of the thread.
  • Problems In The Mold Industry

    In recent years, the structure of my country's mold industry, whether it is enterprise organizational structure, product structure, technical structure, or import and export structure, has been developing in the direction of rationalization.

     We are a HALLOWEEN LIGHTS MANUFACTURERS, pumpkin lantern is a kind of holiday lighting. It used to be handmade by hand, using pumpkins and candles. Nowadays, due to the busy work of people, most people choose to buy a pumpkin lamp, which is composed o...
  • The Standard For Double-Ended Stud Fasteners

    Double End Stud refers to cylindrical fasteners with threads on both ends. It is widely used in electric power, chemical industry, oil refining, valves, railways, bridges, steel structures, automobile and motorcycle accessories, machinery, boiler steel st...  more
  • Determinants Of The Direction Of The Fan

    Plastic Fan Mold, which includes a molded matrix and a fan blade injection groove set on the mold matrix, the mold matrix is provided with water circulation holes, and the two ends of the water circulation holes are connected with water circulation pipes.
  • The Importance Of Automotive Injection Mold

    The importance of Automotive Injection Mold is increasingly recognized by people, and mold design and mold manufacturing technology have made great progress.