Health Articles

  • The Invention Of The Capsule

    These medicines are packed into capsules, which not only protects the properties of the medicines from being destroyed but also protects the digestive organs and respiratory tract.
  • Comparative Advantages Of Plant Capsules

    There are usually hard capsules and soft capsules.
  • Demand For Soft Capsule Production

    Soft Capsules: refers to directly encapsulating a certain amount of liquid drugs, or dissolving or dispersing solid drugs in suitable excipients to make solutions, suspensions, emulsions, or semi-solids, sealed in spherical or oval soft Capsules in capsules.
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  • Introduce The Advantages Of Pullulan Capsules

    There are two main sources of capsule shell materials: animal sources and plant sources. Currently, the most widely used is Empty Gelatin Capsules Suppliers from animal sources.